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Make Your Brand well known with Promotional Sweets

Searching for new and distinctive ways to promote your business product or service?

Imagine the following two different scenarios: two different companies, with same product invite the same prospect to see how they produce, manage and deliver their product. The first company is called No-Brand and the other one is called Logo-Wise.
At No-Brand Company, there is hardly a name tag on the company building. Also in the reception, it is cold white walls with no branding or product to recognize them. The reception has no branded products to offer their clients to sweeten the waiting time.

But for the Logo-Wise Company, there is a giant illuminated sign that shows the clients and prospects they are in the right place. In the reception place, on every wall indicates a posters and pictures with Logo-Wise shown on it.  So from any angle you are, you will be able to sight Logo-Wise all over. The receptionist offers the company branded sweets to their clients and prospects. More so, you will offered a coffee which is accompanies with a piece of chocolate, with Logo-Wise printed on it. Even their sugar piece has promotional sweet with logo on it. When departing the meeting, Logo-Wise offers their prospect a metal tin with strong mints with their logo on it for their journey back home.

After the meeting, the wife of the prospect asked about how the meeting goes and which name comes first?

For this reason does leading brands worldwide spend enough time and huge money on promotional sweets!